The Dadu game is also known as the Sic Bo which is the traditional Chinese game and earlier played with the 3 dices. In western countries, this game was termed as the Birdcage, Chuck-a-luck or grand hazard. There are some of the slight differences in the payouts or wagers in different casinos, countries or regions. The thing which is common amongst all the players is that, they can wager on varied combinations of 3 dices. The players wage on these combinations of 3 dice that churned in glass crucible called as the Chuck cage. These games are exciting and quick.

The popularity of the dice game is due to different reasons as, players like them simply for great gambling and either some don’t know true odds or they are discouraged by complexity of king dice games called Craps. However, there is one more dadu online game called as the Dice poker. It is the simple and easy game with quick drift to the events. These games are inspired well by the popular card versions of Poker. The dice poker gets played with the 5 dices and has different number of figures. The basic objective of game is rolling highest number of combination possibly.

Rules of the dadu poker

The number of the players in this game is not limited to any number. All players wagers same amount of the money, the highest is the poker combination or hand, can take them all. The first player is asked for rolling the 5 dice. If player likes hand then she or he decides for keeping one roll only. Further, other players makes attempt. All these things happen in situation when player thinks it as difficult for other players in order to overcome their dice poker combinations. Generally number of rolls is set in accordance to first player.

The first players are asked for keeping specific hands if she or he feels satisfied. After player finishes his or her round, then they hands over dice to next player. Variations with the two rounds are usual. However, players can even agree on third roll. If two or more number of the players have the equal combination, then winner is determined by next roll with the 5 dices. The hand rankings come from card versions of the poker. Start playing the best game today and enjoy the dice game fully.